Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary
  By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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Click for more info Fr. Robert J. FoxWelcome to an introduction to Fr. Robert J. Fox's book "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother" that contains messages from Jesus and the Mother of God, given to littlemary.

In the book, Our Blessed Mother shares about the fear of bishops, priest and parents to teach the fullness of true faith and morals. 

They are told that when such fear hinders them from doing their duty, and they keep silent, they will have to give an accounting for lost souls.

They are Urgent Messages from Heaven intended for the world, and are at long last in book form.

It took three years to assemble the messages and to compose  personal commentaries by
Fr. Fox. ( wikipedia)

Virgin Mary Mark Sanislo

Fr. Fox was in frequent contact with littlemary the past three years to make this book possible. 

Father saw a personal need for this book and no one asked Fr. Fox to write this book. 

Fr. Fox is an established writer and writes when he thinks it will help save soul.  He written books on Fatima, Light from the East— Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh, Francis, Catholic Church History, Fatima Today - The Third Millennium, Fatima is ForeverThe Intimate Life of Sister Lucia,

Excerpts by Fr. Fox from The
Immaculate Heart Messenger Oct-Dec. 2002

Immaculate Heart Messenger Oct-Dec. 2002I have read hundreds of the messages and can assure you that I found them to be in harmony with Sacred Scripture and the doctrines of Catholicism.  I find that the messages of Jesus and Mary  coincide with what the Fatima Family Apostolate has been attempting to instill in families for the past 17 years.

To summarize the messages I would say our Blessed Mother is calling all of us a deeper prayer life, beginning with praying of the Rosary while meditating on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

The Blessed Mother is calling for Eucharistic Adoration and Reparation, to spend time before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

What comes through in these messages is the too many are making up their own rules about faith and morals.  We are all to follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, not private opinions on faith and morals.

The Blessed Mother is here preparing the way for her children, helping them re-learn their ways as many have lost the way, are confused by secularism, the media, those who call themselves Catholic, but misrepresent what the Church truly teaches.

Cathoilc Magazine

Since 1995 “Little Mary” has been receiving these heavenly messages.

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In the early stages of the messages, Little Mary and her pastor/spiritual director met with a diocesan committee. It found nothing wrong Fr. Robert J. Fox and little mary at Fatimawith the messages.

The style of the heavenly messages and the speaking and writing patterns of Little Mary herself are different.

Fr. Fox's judgment, and many others, including priests, religious and laity, the messages are not Little Mary’s. They are: truly Messages from the Heart of Our Mother in heaven.

Our Blessed Mother and Jesus gave these messages with a note of urgency, stressing they are for the world. Click here to order book by Fr. Fox

The Blessed Mother uses a certain style directed to all. As a good Mother, she desires to have her messages touch each and every one of her children.

The speaking and writing patterns these heavenly messages of the Blessed Mother and Our Lord are different quite than what Little Mary's style of  speaking and writing.

The crisis in the family today, in the Church, in the world—all are dealt with in this remarkable, readable book.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother book
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Cathoilc Magazine

Mark Sanislo magazine cover

The book cover was done by a religious artist Mark Sanislo,  who was asked to do an original  painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary,  whose titFr. Fox Mark Sanislo maryle is "Our Mother of the Word."

The painting was also used for July- Sept 2004 issue of the Immaculate Heart Messenger Magazine. 

Marian devotion is returning to Catholic life. It seems the time is ripe for a new springtime for Jesus and Mary in this country and throughout the world.

While there are many reports of Marian messages, and messengers, we must be cautious to discern their authenticity.

Authenticity will always require in the first place that the messages be in harmony with Sacred Scripture and the Magisterial teachings of the Church.

They must lead to the Blessed Trinity, to Jesus, the Church. The author and compiler Fr. Fox believes these messages recorded by Little Mary fulfill those requirements.

Art by Sanislo

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Immaculate Heart Messager Magazine April-June 200 issueExcerpts from Immaculate Heart Messenger April-June 2002 issue 

Article "Messages from the Mother of the Church through Little Mary"

Healing and Conversions:

Many healings have been reported and documented and sent to the archbishop relative to Little Mary's mission.  Hundreds have written the archbishop of the favorable experiences.  There have been many who, after hearing the messages, came back to the faith.....  A Woman after 17 years of not being pregnant, got pregnant after prayer with Little Mary.

The Purpose of the Messages:

Since the message of January 19, 2001, states the purpose of the messages, it is printed below.

"My daughter, tell my children that the purpose of the messages is to make the truth known.  One cannot be silent when so many are living in sin"

Many souls are in danger and that is why God is asking you to be persecuted for living your faith. In time, all will have to decide to either repent or live in total darkness.

It is time for all Our children to understand why these messages are being given. My mission on this earth is to assist those children who are on the wrong path. Virgin Mary by SanisloThose who accept my motherly assistance will be led closer, closer to Christ"

Messages for Priests, "My Beloved Sons:

"Please, dear chosen sons, have faith and trust in my motherly assistance.  Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and I will protect you from the great difficulties which are coming. 

Live your faith and teach your flock and I promise you more will awake from their slumber.  Be prayerful and keep your doors open for those who come in need of your assistance.  Live a saintly life and be willing now to work long hours.  In time your service for Our Lord  will not go unnoticed."

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Chapter content from the "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother".

Chapter 1 - Placing private revelations in proper perspective

Chapter 2 - The Purpose of the messages

Chapter 3 - Interior locutions and divisions

Chapter 4 - For Priest, Religious, Laity

Chapter 5 - Messages from the Blessed Mother

Chapter 6 - Messages from Jesus

Chapter 7 - Sharing the Passion of Jesus

Chapter 8 - The First message and early development

Chapter 9 - Our Blessed Mother ask for prayer groups

r 10 - A Time of Crisis - A time of purification and crisis

Chapter 11 - A new beginning

Chapter 12 - Greater suffering for conversions of souls

Chapter 13 - Importance of sacramental adoration

Reclaiming Your Children for the Faith TV Series

Fr. Fox interviewed Little Mary on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) in a TV series called Reclaiming Your Children for the Faith.
Reclaiming Your Children for the Faith
The show was produced on May 30th 2002 and Little Mary is part of Episode 10. 

Click to  Listen  to Episode 10 interview
of Little Mary by Fr. Fox.

The series is designed specifically for parents and grandparents, where Fr. Robert Fox explores the beauty of Catholic doctrine.

Fr. Fox emphasizes the family's vital role in bringing up children to be faithful to the Church. Learn how to share the basic truths of the sacraments, and their eternal significance, through practical, down-to-earth lessons. 3 tapes. 6 1/2 hrs.

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Audio of  Little Mary summerizing some Jan 2005 messages

lm-msg2718_010605       lm-msg2719_010705
lm-msg2720_011005       lm-msg2721_011105
lm-msg2722_011305       lm-msg2723_011405
lm-msg2724_011705       lm-msg2725_011805

more audio messages

More Text Messages from Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother

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